GMFLA member Sid Lane receives Forest Steward certification

Recently Sidney Lane of Greensboro, GA was recognized for his hard work on his property located just outside Greensboro by the Georgia Forestry Commission. Lane received the distinction of becoming a Certified Forest Steward for his continuous efforts of managing and improving the forestland on his 215 acre tract. The name of the property is Tesnatee Farm. Tesnatee means “wild turkey,” in Cherokee.

Lane has closely followed the management recommendations that were outlined in his forest stewardship plan. Some of the actions taken include, thinning of pine stands, chemical release of pine stands, prescribed burning, creating wildlife food plots, and erosion control measures on existing road systems.

Lane is a local banker and has previously served as Chairman of the Greene and Eatonton-Putnam Chambers of Commerce. Lane enjoys working on his farm with his wife Cindy and sons Victor and Matthew. The Lanes enjoy the local wildlife and history; and how their farm was once Indian Territory, hence the property name.

Picture above at the Green-Morgan Forest Landowners Association Winter Meeting (left to right) Scott Bryant; Forest Ranger Georgia Forestry Commission, Victor Lane, Sid Lane, Cindy Lane, Matthew Lane

A Forest Stewardship management plan can be provided to landowners interested in managing their forestland for multiple use purposes such as timber, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, aesthetics, and soil and water conservation. This is a detailed and comprehensive management plan written by natural resource professionals with backgrounds in forestry, wildlife biology, soil science, and recreation management.

Landowners with an interest in multiple use management begin by completing an official application which details their interests and objectives. The resource professional responsible for constructing the plan will evaluate the property and develop a management program to help the landowner reach their objectives while improving the management of all resources.

The Forest Stewardship Program recognizes landowners who implement their Forest Stewardship Plan and do an outstanding job of managing their forest resources. A set of guidelines was developed to determine and help designate qualified forest landowners as Certified Forest Stewards. These landowners are recognized for their management accomplishments and given a Stewardship Forest sign to post on their land signifying their achievements.